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Pre-Graduation Department

Russian Language Course at SUSHPU

We offer Russian Language Course for international students, that includes attending Russian language classes, living in Russian-speaking environment with SHUSHPU students, seeing sights and visiting places of entertainment in Chelyabinsk. As a result, one receives an International Certificate of completion the course.

Should you have any questions regarding education fees or admission requirements, please do not hesitate to contact International Department via e-mail or contact us at +7 (351) 216-56-39.

All programs at SUSHPU are taught is Russian language. So to apply to one of our faculties, first you need to complete a Russian language course which lasts from 1 to 2 academic years. To learn Russian, you need to apply to our Pre-Degree Preparation Department.

What will I do during my pre-degree preparation period?

The Pre-Degree Preparation Department provides international students with a full-range orientation and adaptation course which includes:

1.       International Summer School.

2.       Adaptation activities.

3.       1 or 2 years of studying Russian language and culture.

4.       Full visa support.

5.       Accommodation at the University dormitories.

6.       Culture, entertainment and sport activities.

What do I need for applying to Pre-Degree Program?

To apply to our Pre-Degree Program you need to do the following:

1.       Make a scan-copy of your ID or passport (the first two pages of the document which you will use for applying for VISA).

2.       Fill in an Application Form which contains all necessary information needed to prepare a Letter of Invitation to the Russian Federation.

3.       Send these two documents to

4.       After you receive your Letter of Invitation to the Russian Federation, you need to apply for visa to your Embassy of the Russian Federation.

5.       After you get your visa please arrive in Chelyabinsk on the dates specified in your visa.

It may take about more than 30 working days to get the Letter of Invitation; hence you are recommended to send the document suite not later than 2 months before the assumed entrance date.