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Campus and dormitories

There are 3 dormitories located within the 15-minute-walking-distance of the university and the city centre:


-       Dormitary #1 (Entuziastov street, 13/1 Ц ulitsa Entuziastov, 13/1 Ц улица Ёнтузиастов, 13/1);

-       Dormitary #2 (Entuziastov street, 13/2 Ц ulitsa Entuziastov, 13/2 Ц улица Ёнтузиастов, 13/2);

-       Dormitary #4 (Engelsa street, 103 Ц ulitsa Englesa, 103 Ц улица Ёнгельса, 103).


Each dormitory accommodates from 2 to 4 students in a room with the following provided:

  • Bed

  • Table

  • Chair

  • Cupboard

  • Shared kitchen

Shower and bathrooms meet the proper requirements. There are 24-hour security, video surveillance and fire alarm in dormitories.


Remember that all these things are universityТs property and in case of property damage you are to pay a fine.


Students must reside in rooms assigned to them. It is forbidden to conduct strangers in the dormitories without permission and provide them a place for a night.


It is allowed to invite guests from 9:00 to 21:00. Before visiting the guest must register with the commandant of the dormitory or the guard, the guest must have a passport.


Rules of conduct in the dormitory:

  • Keep the rooms clean
  • DonТt make loud noise from 23:00 to 9:00

  • Dispose of garbage in strictly designated area

  • DonТt drink alcohol or smoke in the dorm

  • DonТt use electric heaters in your room