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Additional Education and Professional Training


The Institute provides out-of-school education for children and further education for adults, further professional training for the university teaching staff and specialists, professional training for workers and employees, aimed at the acquisition of professional competence by people of all ages.

International students can apply for one of vocational educational programs listed below:

Pedagogy and Psychology

  • Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Lecturer in Higher Education
  • Practical Psychology

Special Needs Education

  • Speech correction
  • Oligophrenopedagogics
  • Special pre-school pedagogy and psychology
  • Tiflopedagogics

General Education

  • Foreign languages in modern elementary school
  • Pedagogy and methodology in primary education
  • Teaching geography and regional study in modern elementary school
  • Teaching computer science in modern elementary school
  • Teaching history and social studies in modern elementary school
  • Teaching maths in modern elementary school
  • Teaching Russian language and literature in modern elementary school
  • Teaching physical culture and health and safety course in modern elementary school
  • Teaching chemistry and biology in modern elementary school
  • Theory and methodology in teaching physics
  • Technological and artistic education in modern elementary school

School Pedagogy

Child-rearing in pre-school education

Economy and Management

  • Management in education
  • Business administration
  • Human resource management
  • Economy and management
  • Economy and law
  • Management and law
  • Management in general vocational education
  • Management in pre-school education


Law and law enforcement activities

Conflict Resolution 

General conflict resolution studies