Chelyabinsk, Lenin prospect, 69
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SUSHPU observatory was built in 1988.

It has a unique telescope "Coude refractor," which is the only one in the South Ural. It allows you to see binary stars, located on an arcsecond distance. In other words, one can see penny laying two kilometers away from the telescope.

The observatory today - is a venue for lots of different events and a modern educational center.

"The School of the young astronomer" functions there, SUSHPU scientists deliver a course of lectures "Walking on the sky."

On the 80th anniversary of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science an educational center "Neo-lessons" with interactive equipment was opened in the observatory. The aim of this center – is to show and explain different amazing discoveries, natural phenomena, technical tricks and to inspire people to study such sciences as physics, mathematics, astronomy.

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