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Prevention of seasonal influenza, common flu and coronavirus

Due to outbreaks of seasonal influenza, common flu and newly appeared coronavirus from China we highly recommend you to take preventive health measures.

Personal preventive health measures:

1. Go outdoors more often.
2. Maintain personal hygiene (WASH YOUR HANDS PROPERLY!)
3. Change face masks every 2 hours if you use it.
4. Avoid visiting crowded public areas.

Symptoms of influenza or a virus:

1. High body temperature, usually higher than 38°C
2. Feeling feverish.
3. Upper respiratory catarrh (throat ache or irritation, running nose or nasal stuffiness, cough).
4. Headaches, muscle aches or joint pain.
5.Feeling faint.

ATTENTION! If you notice any symptoms, immediately contact SUSHPU medical station located at 34 Soni Krivoy street, floor 3, or any medical institution in the home area (call a doctor at home).

REMEMBER: self-treating seasonal flu is unacceptable! Don’t medicate yourself with antibiotics without medical prescription! Influenza is dangerous for its severe complications!!!

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