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Mikhail Kotyukov congratulates on International Knowledge Day 07.09.2018

Mikhail Kotyukov congratulates on International Knowledge Day

Dear friends!

On behalf of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and myself, I congratulate you on the beginning of the new academic year!

Knowledge Day is a major celebration for everybody who develops national educational system: for students, for graduate students, and for Russian higher education establishment professors. Every academic year is special with its new discoveries, new ideas and new opportunities.

Nowadays the government is looking forward to improving higher education. It is the modern generation of students and professors that can provide an innovational breakthrough that will help Russia become one of the top scientifically and technically advanced countries. In order for this to happen, Russian higher education establishments are to be changed in terms of teaching methodology, educational process organization approach and graduation theses in the following years. The focus is on practically oriented scientific and professional activities. Russian universities will become friendlier in terms of international cooperation while its graduates will become more nationally and internationally competitive. As a result Russia must become one of top-10 countries in global top 500 universities.

Every student and professor may contribute to the process of development and modernization of Russian higher education. The success of the transformational changes, that ensure Russia a decent position in the worldwide system of knowledge and innovations, is determined by your support, courage, leadership, creativity and responsibility!

This academic year I wish you to achieve remarkable success in all kinds of undertakings!

Mikhail Kotyukov,
The Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

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