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Graduates of SUSHPU are the most popular students in our country


The share of SUSHPU graduates who received a referral for work is 99.7%, the share of funds from the commercialization of intellectual products is 6.24%, the i-index of the organization is 12. Moreover, the share of graduates employed among the humanities at the SUSUHU was the highest in country. 

As RIA Novosti writes, the study included "state, departmental, municipal and private institutions of higher education that provided training for basic and additional programs of higher education. Among them there are 127 engineering universities, 89 classical universities, 54 agricultural universities, 61 universities from the sphere of administration, 69 liberal arts colleges and 48 medical universities. The study did not include branches, higher spiritual educational institutions, universities of culture and military profile ". 

Details will get acquainted with the National rating of Russian universities, showing their relevance from the Russian economy you can on the RIA Novosti website.

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