Chelyabinsk, Lenin prospect, 69
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The lecture and the student of SUSHPU received gratitude from the US Сonsulate General

The event was held in Chelyabinsk on the 13th-17th of November. American vocals and dance experts  - Paul Emerson, Amikaela Gaston and Boris Willis - conducted master classes with students and teachers of the South Ural State Institute of Arts. P.I. Tchaikovsky and put the final show up.

Y.A. Pisarev, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of English Philology of the South Ural State Pedagogical University, translated consistently and synchronously on all the vocal master classes, summary rehearsals, the final show and business meetings with the leadership of the Institute of Arts and the US Consulate General.
 Also wanted to express our gratitude to the fourth-year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​Alexandra Kazakova, who had made an interpreting interview with the project participants for recording.

Yaroslav Anatolyevich shared his impressions about the past event. "Last week I had a great pleasure in translating the Broadway musical in Chelyabinsk. There were very talented and benevolent performers and delightful directors! "- he said.



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