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Foreign students of SUSHPU have presented their countries and cultures.

The goal was acquaint citizens of different countries with Russian culture and gave the opportunity for Russian guests to tell about themselves and their countries.

The representatives of Congo, Chile, China, Iraq, Algeria, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Italy gathered on the holiday. Doctor of Philology, Professor Alexander Mironova, Candidate of Philology, Assistant Professor Olga Rostislavovna Semyonova and Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Elena Sedova were supervised by the event. 

Russian students treated everyone with potatoes and salads, and also conducted a folk game "Brook". Sin Yanshuo from China told about the types of tea, the brothers Khusin and Ali Jose Yahya Cherif (Algeria) showed a dance with acrobatic elements. Li Hunshuang (China) sang the Russian song to the accompaniment of Carlos Wilson Varas Robledo (Chile). Many participants of the holiday came in national costumes and brought with them dishes popular in their countries



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