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Russian as a Foreign Language

All programs at CSPU are taught is Russian language. So, if you do not know Russian language, but wish to apply to one of our faculties, first you need to undertake a Russian language course which lasts from 1 to 2 academic years. To learn Russian, you need to apply to our Pre-Degree Preparation Department.



  1. Application form
  2. Scan of the first two pages of your passport
  3. Motivation letter
  4. Educational certificates with transcripts
  • For Bachelor studies: school-leaving certificate
  • For Master studies: Bachelor's or Specialist's degree diploma
  • For Post-graduate studies (Candidate's degree): Master's or Bachelor's diploma 
  • It may take about more than 30 working days to get the Letter of Invitation; hence you are recommended to send the document suite not later than 2 months before the assumed entrance date. 

Originals of documents presented upon arrival:
  • A notarized translation into Russian of educational certificate and its transcript 
  • Evidence of equivalence of the education certificate which was received outside the Russian Federation 
  • Medical certificate of overall health condition including HIV + AIDS certificates 
  • Passport with expire date not earlier than 18 months since the arrival date + migration card 
  • Six 4*3 cm photos
application form here


10 steps to enter CSPU



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